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1. What is Calm Point? 
2. What can it be used for? 
3. How do I put Calm Point on my ear? 
4. What materials are Calm Point made with? 
5. How should I use Calm Point? 
6. How long does it take to work? 
7. Does it have any side effects? 
8. Are there different sizes of Calm Point? 
9. Can it be used on children? 
10. What clinical data/research is available to support their use?


1. What is Calm Point? 

Calm Point is acupressure earwear that loops around the ear and activates a point clinically proven to improve stress, pain, tension, anxiety, and insomnia.  

Designed by an acupuncturist, it is built on the Fibonacci spiral defined by nature’s golden ratio to maintain gentle pressure on the ear "Shenmen" point whenever it is worn.

With its modern design, Kacey strived for both elegance and function, creating a product that both men and women can wear with confidence. Anyone can use it to enhance their focus, mind-body connection, and just feel better. 

Calm Point provides safe and simple stress relief without the use of herbs, supplements or drugs.

Wear anytime or anywhere.  Our fans find it useful in situations such as: traveling, sleeping, meetings, presentations, meditations, and other stressful moments.

Imagine wearing Calm Point, gently directing your body to breathe, focus and relax, as you begin to feel uplifted and productive, accomplishing your to-dos with ease. Your friends will wonder how you do it!


2. What can it be used for? 

Calm Point can be used anytime you need a bit of help to quiet your energy. You may feel its greatest benefits in situations where you need to have clarity, calm and control. It is designed to help you find your energy flow, improve memory and be present: 

Situations where Calm Point can be particularly beneficial:

Ever feel like you need to relax, meditate, go for a run or receive a massage... but just can't find the time?  Calm Point acupressure earwear is a simple solution.  It may not replace a good run or massage...but at least tells your body to relax.


3. How do I put Calm Point on my ear? 

Follow our directions here for your first time putting on Calm Point.

Most fans find their own way of putting it on with a little practice - plan about 1-2 minutes for the first time you put your Calm Point on. Use a mirror to find the best way for you and your own ear, after a few tries, you will put it on like a pro.

People are amazed that Calm Point fits nearly every ear - the challenge we have as designers of Calm Point - is that every ear is slightly different and requires a slightly different technique to put it on. 

Please feel free to experiment and we would love to hear your technique - post videos with tags #calmpoint on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.


4. What materials are Calm Points made with? 

Calm Point is made from 3D printed stainless steel in the USA.  

If you have one of the rare gold Calm Points it is coated with gold dust and that is what touches the skin. We are calling the gold Calm Point "Energize" because traditionally in Chinese Medicine gold is strengthening or "tonifying".

Additionally, We are working to bring out Calm Point in medical grade stainless steel made in an FDA certified facility in the USA.  


5. How should I use Calm Point? 

Calm Point is your own relaxation and meditation tool, you can use it as you like. Some suggested uses:

  1. As a preventative measure before the onset of activities that are stressful or require prolonged focus (such as before an airline flight, presentation or test) 
  2. After the onset of stress, fatigue or chronic pain for an quick sense of relief 
  3. Anytime you need to relax and be in your flow (even during great days)


6. How long does it take to work? 

Calm Point may be worn from 5 minutes to several hours depending upon preference. 

If you feel any discomfort, remove, wait a few minutes and reapply. Discomfort may indicate a block of energy, it may take a few times wearing it to completely stop the discomfort.


7. Does it have any side effects? 

Calm Point is drug free and should have no side effects. 

Additionally, if you are very sensitive to energy and qi, you may feel a warm sensation or your ear may feel hot. If it becomes uncomfortable, please take it off, wait a day or two and re-administer. 

Calm Point should not replace doctor prescribed medications. 

Calm Point is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is not a medical device nor intended to alleviate any medical condition.


8. Are there different sizes of Calm Point? 

Calm Point has been designed to be a universal one size.


9. Can it be used on Children? 

Children may benefit from the use, however, this is a small piece of jewelry and must be administered with the utmost care. Do not use on children who will put it in their mouth or under 5 years old.


10. What clinical data/research is available to support their use? 

Selected studies mentioning the efficacy of Ear Shen Men include but are not limited to:


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