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Acupressure to Feel Better

Acupressure to Feel Better

Calm, Focused Relaxation

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Bring A Touch of Calm

Bring A Touch of Calm

Breathe Better. Think Better. Sleep Better.

Relaxing Just Got Easier

Had a long day? Stressed? Worried? Can't stop your mind from racing? Calm Point is your tool to tell your body to breathe, focus and relax. Now you can use ancient wisdom of acupressure to take control.
Unleash Your Body's Self Healing

Unleash Your Body's Self Healing

Wear Calm Point anytime. It tells your body it's time to relax and increase its awareness. The power is now in your hands and can be worn on your ear. It may be hard to believe, but by wearing Calm point you can safely, naturally overcome your anxious moments. In just 5 short weeks, over 500 fans reported positive experiences.

The Science Behind Why "I Feel Better"

Calm Point puts pressure on an acupuncture point called Ear Shen Men 神門. Known as “Spirit Gate” or “Heavenly Gateway." It's a favorite point to bring tranquility to the mind and relieve stress. Wearing Calm Point activates the energy in the ear telling your body it's time to relax. In a matter of moments, you may feel like you do after meditating, going for a good run or receiving a massage.
The Science Behind Why "I Feel Better"
Enjoy Wearing Calm Point to Bring Calmness and Focus Into Your Day

Enjoy Wearing Calm Point to Bring Calmness and Focus Into Your Day

Calm Point relaxes your mind and body, connecting you to your natural rhythm. The best part is that you can wear it anytime or anywhere to simply feel better.

Questions? Email Kacey, Calm Point's Creator and Acupuncturist

Easy to Wear

Identify your Shen Men acupuncture point, located on the center, upper third portion of your right ear. (Blue dot on diagram 1)
Place the ball and loop in front and padding in back, hook over the outside of the ear and slide the device up the outer part of the ear until it is against the top of the ear.
Position metal ball so it fits snugly on the Shen Men point.

Two Customers Explain How Calm Point Works For Them

Ben W
The first thing that the Calm Point does for me is make me breathe. I immediately inhale deeply when I put it on and feel more aware, awake, and restored. It's also a great tool for staying calm while traveling!

– Ben W

Kara J
After a C-Section, and with a 3 year-old son at home, I started having night time panic attacks. My acupuncturist suggested trying Calm Point- my exact quote was "I think this a bit beyond Calm Point." I tried it, however, and after 3 days, I felt like myself again and began enjoying my growing family again.

– Kara J

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